December Goals

It occurs to me, that perhaps I should give posting monthly goals a shot and see if it helps me stay focused-especially as I am coming up on the time when I usually get burned out and/or give up.  

So here goes… In December, I will:

  1. Hit my 10% lost milestone
  2. Make cardio a habit 4-5 days each week
  3. Hit a daily average of 7k steps 
  4. Stay in my WW points range every day.  No going over into my weekly allowance except for the week of Christmas when I will allow myself a few extra treats—but only within my weekly allowance.
  5. Attend every meeting and integrate what we talked about into daily practice
  6. Strength train every other day (3 times each week)
  7. Earn a minimum of 60 activity points for the month of December.

In November I lost 12.8 lbs and only earned a total of 28 activity points for the whole month.  My total loss since I started Weight Watchers on October 8th is 23.4 lbs.  

My first weigh in for December is tomorrow at noon.  Pretty sure I will pass the 25 lbs lost mark—but hoping for more to make up for my 0 loss last week.  But progress is progress and I’ll take whatever I can get and just keep moving.